House of Hades – Chapter IV – Leo

Leo was living a brief internal dilemma: he didn’t know if he should broke down in despair and tears because of the stone that had sunk a piece of the deck of the Argo II, or if he should throw back the stone down there, or if he should activate the weapons or if he should maneuver the ship flying off the course of the new stones that stuck out on the horizon. Deciding that the safest and most obvious choice, he turned the ship around to starboard, having time just to shout to his friends hold on to something.

From the booth, Hazel, Jason and Piper emerged, trying to stay balanced on the deck that was now facing nearly 45°. Morgan slipped in the deck with the sharp turn, but she was hold to safety by Coach Hedge, who cast himself in the deck like a penguin in the snow, reaching the girl’s hand and keeping both on board holding the rail. Leo made another maneuver, this time to port, almost knocking Nico (who had held the rail in time, but was almost caught off guard in the new turn).

– Valdez, you better decide or I’ll shove these controls in your …
– Stone on deck! – Morgan pulled the coach, also preventing him from continuing the sentence
– Jason, you can’t keep them away?! – Frank emerged, finally, but his shirt was stained with barbecue sauce and cheese
– Leave it to me!
– Admiral Leo, cannons! How do I operate?! – Morgan went up to the bridge of the ship, where Leo was
– Here, take this control and this sight! – He throw in the girl’s hand a black control of Wii and a helmet
– How does it work?
– Aim and shoot! Continuar a ler

Rick Riordan expectations for the tour of "House of Hades"

This month, Riordan published an article on his blog talking about your expectations for the tour of House of Hades, which will be released soon. In the following article, the author besides showing very excited for the start of the tour, also shows particularly concerned to explain to fans how the tour would work for the welfare of all “demigods” who plan to go on tour later. See the article below:
What to Expect (and not expect) on the House of Hades tour
I can’t wait for The House of Hades tour! It is always so much fun to talk with my readers. Continuar a ler

Quick post to thank you all

I just want to thank you all for this 1000 views in our blog, in the name of all Hecate’s Cabin staff! ^^
We have been together for a few weeks, a little more than a month, but this is your achievement as much as ours. We’ll be improving and posting our chapters, and we’ll be always grateful and honored to have you by our side in this journey.
Thank you very much.
– Ghost Writer, Tradutora, Koko, Franky and Irmã

(ps: in the image, left to right: Koko -crying out happiness- Tradutora, Ghost Writer, Irmã and Franky)

Expectativas de Rick Riordan para a turnê de "A Casa de Hades"

Neste mês, Riordan publicou um artigo em seu blog falando sobre suas expectativas para a turnê de A Casa de Hades, que será lançado em breve. No artigo a seguir, o autor além de se mostrar bastante empolgado para o começo da turnê, mas também especialmente preocupado em explicar aos fãs como funcionaria a turnê, para o bem-estar de todos os “semideuses” que acompanham a saga e planejam participar do evento.
Veja abaixo o artigo traduzido (traduzidos pelo nosso site, caso haja qualquer incoveniência) do post original feito pelo próprio Riordan:

O que esperar (e não esperar) na turnê de A Casa de Hades
Agora, se vocês estão planejando ir a um evento, aqui está o que você pode esperar e o que não esperar, mesmo porque eu não quero que ninguém vá embora decepcionado. Estamos fazendo eventos de forma diferente dos últimos anos, devido ao público que está cada vez maior. Novamente, confira em cada local para obter detalhes exatos da turnê, mas em geral, aqui está o que acontece:Mal posso esperar para o tour de A Casa de Hades! É sempre muito divertido falar com os meus leitores . Continuar a ler