Behind the Blog: fanfic!

And Behind the Blog today will talk about the fanfic we are developing. Jokes and nicknames aside, everything you would want to know about our process, inspiration and non-senseness to write our own version of “The House of Hades”.
This time, Ghost Writer and Franky will clarify these doubts!

Koko: How did the idea of fanfic came up?

Ghost Writer: Man, couldn’t you start with a easy one? xD

Franky: Go for it, Ghost! xD

GW: It all started with a conversation between me and Koko. Actually we were talking about the Iron Kingdom’s gunmages (because I had borrowed the book RPG for a friend) and talked about how they were awesome, but very underutilized in the game and such.
I had just read “The Mark of Athena” and “The Demigod Diaries” and suddenly I realized that a gunmage would be pretty damn cool inside the world of Percy Jackson… a child of Hecate with guns! And so was born Morgan… and around it, a story where she could appear.
F: Not to mention the fact that the Ghost Writer has always been a fan of Hecate .

K: That’s not a bit… I dunno, egocentric?

F: It sounded a bit now that you spoke o.õ

GW: Absolutely egocentric kiddo! But the nice thing of fanfics is this: I want, I do LoL

F: True story xD

GW: The initial project has undergone many changes and is still in development, actually. But just to escape this self-centeredness.

K: Fair. Still on this, who is writing the story?

GW: This would be me! Auntie Ghost Writer here. But I have everyone’s help. Always ask for different opinions to everyone, even those not part of the blog. Everything to make history with the highest possible quality.

F: It’s true, she always sends excerpts, ask opinions, and always generates auxílos discussions.
Indeed, part of the fun are these discussions it causes when talking about chapters with the team xD

Gw: Discussion and travel in mayonnaise, my specialties!

F: Yes, and she always sends at the end a fantastic chapter, which always ends up catching us by surprise.

GW: Naw, just unaware people is by surprise xD

K: (I agree) Now, about the OC’s characters… what are the inspirations for them?

GW: Well, a lot. I will not lie, my characters are very two dimensional in the beginning. I always think in a very remarkable feature in which I want to highlight and adjust the rest for that.

K: Some people would say that this is an atrocity and would ask you to reread The Writer’s Journey .

GW: as you type, Koko? xD
Actually the process is quite intuitive to me… a little difficult past here, a little catchphrases there, a fighting style that fits the personality and voilà. Everyone can create the characters they want and we also give a knack for it appears.

F: There is also the case as they interact. This affected the story of many characters, giving them a “soul”.

GW: Yes yes
It is important to establish relationships between the characters, especially speaking of the children of Hecate, who already have a past not commented on Percy Jackson and the Olympians. We seek to spread the loopholes that the master Riordan leaves too, to get something more organic.

F: Yes, always adds value to use loopholes in the composition of stories, these always enter the conversation topic .

GW: And we discuss a damn lot / o /

F: Yes , actually pretty much xD

K: Taking Morgan and Samantha who have already appeared in history, there is some more OC you want to include in the plot?

GW: Yes yes, indeed we do. There is another OC that will appear even in this part of the story. I think you’ll really like this character! ^ ^

F: Yes, and besides, we have characters that are not just from the Hecate’cabin, but one thing at a time, continue to see the chapters to check out!

K: Ahh… I love the smell of the morning Merchandising u.u
What is your favorite OC?

GW: Wow, tough! o.o
I think in my case is the same Morgan. She is a strong girl who does not give up his beliefs by others, besides being disciplined and skillful. It’s the apple of my eye! *u*

F: Note the happiness of the person xD
Well, in my case I will mention an OC that has not yet appeared in history, not to spoil the plans of Ghost Writer, I’ll just say it’s a son of Hephaestus named Hunter! \o\

K: To end now! How does the production of the fanfic works?

GW: It’s very varied indeed. I’m always writing new chapters, which always are at hand: Using my smartphone on the bus on the way to college, or in the college itself, between classes. Honestly, much of mental rumination comes from these places. At home I organize the ideas and format texts already produced.

Ghost Writer referencies
Chapter 10 is borning here!




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