Who’s your god? – Selina Kyle

And our section today brings one of my favorite comic’s characters: Selina Kyle!

Just like all the comic’s heroes and villains, there is unnumbered versions about her origin. In Year One arc, Selina Kyle was a prostitute who worked in the East End of Gotham. After being beaten by her pimp, she learns to fight with Wildcat to defend herself, but ends up being inspired to become the Catwoman seeing Batman in action through the city streets. In another version, she would just be an orphan who survived the streets being a thief who, after robbing people in a circus and being caught by the owner of the place, is invited by the same to join the group and keep doing what she did the best, this time getting acrobatic training from the circus people.

Regardless, one thing that never changed about Selina is her moral and ambiguity as hero and villain. She has teamed up with Batman to fight crime against Gotham (and even already married the handsome, in some versions!), has saved the heroic asses from the entire Justice League too. Her gray existence on the line between good and evil makes Batman identify with the girl and consider her as another creature of darkness lurking throught the nights in Gotham City.

With this breathtaking history and all with her natural aptitude for burglaries is impossible to think that she is daughter of any other god than Hermes! Agile across the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham, imperceptible to steal items of great value, besides being pretty damn beautiful and charming (like cats! *u*).

I dare say, with great certainty, that Hermes soooo proud of this quirky daughter!

And you ?
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Comments down there! ^.~

PS : Last week we had a comment claiming that Gambit would be a son of Hermes, since he was created by a guild of thieves and is always connected with that part of the crime. It is a possibility that makes sense too. Maybe he’s a son of Hermes and Eros legacy or son of Eros and Hermes legacy, anyway.



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