Who is your God? – Bruce Wayne (Batman!!)

Today let’s talk about everyone’s favorite bat … Batman! (I only put three exclamation points because Ghost Writer forbade me to put more, because the Batman, for his awesomeness deserves a hundred!)
Official Background: Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, an billionaire, industrialist, and philanthropist. The fact of having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child, led the young Bruce Wayne to travel the world, trying to comprehend the criminal mind. Trained all kinds of martial arts and fighting techniques (the trauma of seeing his parents killed by gunshots made him averse to firearms), seeking physical and intellectual perfection. Created a uniform based on the figure that frightened him as a child: the bat. He wanted criminals to share the same fear. And so began the fight against crime.
Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology  and a well prepared physical prowess, in his continuous war on crime.
Divine Kinship: If Batman existed in the universe of Riordan, he would be a son of NEMESIS, obviously!!
Why? In the world of Riordan, Nemesis is the greek/roman goddess of balance, justice, retribution and revenge. All these features can be found in Batman at some point in his life.
We can illustrate times when Batman acts with balance, justice, retribution and / or revenge. Let us begin by balance; okay, maybe this feature was not the best to start, after all, he isn’t a very balanced man, let’s face it, the guy dress like a bat and goes out beating street bandits and fugitives of the asylum. But we can say that he seeks the balance of power in Gotham, after all, he knows that he will never end all the crime in Gotham, but he fights to suppress it to the fullest and amortize the influences of bad guys in all the spheres (Public, Politics, Social, etc) of Gotham.
Batman has a lot of Justice in him, after all, he never kills his enemies, as it is against his principles. In the Batman universe, he is one of the few heroes who don’t faces supervillains, but the insane villains. He does not consider fair to be Police, Judge and Prosecutor (at the same time), much less think himself to be worthy of it. He captures his enemies, and deliver them to the justice of Gotham.
About Retribution (that would be revenge without hate). We can say that, after his desire for revenge on the death of his parents calmed, his goals took a more retributive aspect, where he seeks that the criminals pay for their actions, repaying their offenses to the collectivity.
And finally, at last, but not least, the Revenge, one of the characteristics by which Nemesis is most known of. It is very exemplified in Batman, because, his main objective, at the beginning of his journey, was largely influenced by his quest for revenge for the death of his parents, disaster for which he blamed not the killer himself (even more so because there are many speculations who really killed his parents, several names were mentioned, in several different dimensions of comics or movies, etc., but it was never really stated who killed his parents), but the extreme criminality of  the Gotham streets, an aspect of his life that changed over time.
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