Como Nico conheceu Morgan – Pt. III

Parte III – De Toledo à Detroit
Terminal de Ônibus de Detroit, 13h

Enfim, o tão temido momento onde seus caminhos separariam-se chegou. Nico não estava muito confortável com a perspectiva do adeus e Morgan não parecia melhor do que ele nesse sentido. Eles almoçaram juntos numa lanchonete perto da estação, conversando e fazendo piada sobre suas partidas de Mitomagia no ônibus. Cada vez que um assunto aproximava-se do fim, procuravam iniciar um novo, mas não podiam continuar com aquilo para sempre. Finalmente deixaram a lanchonete. O menino virou-se para sua companheira de viagem, mas ela foi mais rápida na despedida, abraçando-o.

– Boa sorte em sua busca. – a voz dela ressoava baixo, próxima ao ouvido de Nico, fazendo-o se arrepiar de leve, mas ela o soltou em seguida sem preceber isso, sorrindo – e se precisar de algo, já sabe.

E partiu, despedindo-se animadamente. Nico permaneceu parado alguns segundos, superando aquele excesso de informações. Quando finalmente colocou-se a caminho da Igreja de St. Anne percebeu um papel em seu bolso. Surpreso e curioso, desembrulhou. Ele não aquela caligrafia, mas era evidentemente de Morgan, informando o endereço onde buscaria seu livro e que ficaria na cidade até o anoitecer, quando faria o trajeto de volta a Nova York. Devolveu o bilhete ao bolso. Precisava se apressar até a igreja.
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How Nico Met Morgan – Pt. I

New York to Toledo
New York , Albany Station , 20h

Nico di Angelo has emerged from a shadow in the station. The mortals flow was not great in that part of the train station so he was not worried about whether or not he had been seen. Since he had begun his quest for the Doors of Death, a few months before, from time to time the boy returned to the human world to get some rest of his solo mission. Time passed and he was getting absolutely no idea of where he still could look , which made him worried. There were few places where he had not sought and the other options were not encouraging.

He headed for the exit of the station when, over the conversations of the people, steps coming and going, suitcases wheels running on the floor and speakers with ads about the hours, arrive and departure of trains, he had the impression of hearing a melody. Started low and quite timid, but gradually began to gain momentum, as the boy approached the source to see what other people in the station had stopped to see too. There, with a mahogany colored guitar hanging in a sling, a girl presented itself, the open guitar case on the floor, probably to receive tips. When she started singing it was like hearing the voice of the own nymphs, sweet and smooth, but there was a deep note of melancholy in the music pauses. The shiny black hair was loose underneath wool beret and a few strands hung down over her shoulders as she moved. A black coat, also of wool, slipped a bit of a shoulder, being lower than the other side, along with the sleeves who almost covered her fingers, giving it an asymmetric and careless charm, enhanced by shabby boots and long scarf. Anyway, when the song ended, she made a quick curtsy, almost losing his glasses made of silver fine hoop, quickly adjusting it with one hand. His talent out amply rewarded by people, who soon returned to their routines as if that song had never passed them by ear, but it did not seem to bother the girl, who was put to pack her things. Nico was stunned, the only one who had not moved from his place yet.

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House of Hades – Chapter VIII – Nico

Few things had taken Nico’s his life; the death of Bianca, getting stuck inside an amphora for a week, and now he could add to the list in formation: “witness a fight between two demigods in the middle of a storm”. A mixture of admiration and apprehension took over the boy when Morgan jumped over Jason with all her might, staring the son of Jupiter with the eyes of a predator. Curiosly, that Morgan reminded him very little of the Morgan he had known and helped to fight in the Central Park, many months before, but he had no doubt that he could heavily rely on someone who advocated theirs causes with such commitment and ferocity.

She was talking with Leo, tendeding the wound in her leg, seated on the deck of the Argus II. Nico had recovered the the daughter of Hecate’s rifle with sawed barrel of and now was heading towards the duo, to return it. Morgan was wobbling, seated, probably trying to scare away the pain, but incredibly she managed a smile when she noticed Nico nearby, just the way he saw her smile several times before.
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House of Hades – Chapter VI – Jason

Jason would have liked to slept all that night, but it was not time to think of such a thing. Leo had sounded the alarm and everyone ran to the deck.

The wind was strong and wild. If they were surprised by the number of monsters in Mount Pindo, the son of Zeus had grounds for a new surprise: Jason had never seen so many nature spirits together as he saw now. They were heading toward the Argus II with a not very friendly expression, marching as a mass through the slope, armed, shouting, hissing, screeching and all other sounds that were capable of emitting. Hazel didn’t take long to outflank him, accompanied by Piper and Leo. Frank was left behind along with Nico, and Coach Hedge yelled something about not having time to not even use the bathroom in peace, as he ran with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the hull. Jason was thinking how much he didn’t needed that image of the satyr, when again he focused on the nature spirits.

– They are furious, the nature spirits. – Piper was apprehensive.
– Yes but… except an avalanche on the mountain there behind, what we could have done for this?
– Must be a thing of Gaia. – Jason wielded his sword of imperial gold, taking the front of the group
– Whatever! Let’s show them who’s with reason with our fists! – Coach punched the air, energetic
– I thought Satyrs could also be considered a type of nature spirit…
– Come closer so I can show you all my natural spirituality, Valdez!
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Rick Riordan reads a stretch of "House of Hades" (Legendado Pt-Br)

Salve galera! Hoje venho com uma notícia quentinha do livro A Casa de Hades. Foi divulgado hoje na página oficial de Percy Jackson no Facebook um vídeo exibindo o autor da saga de Os Herois do Olimpo, Rick Riordan, lendo um trecho do livro exatamente na cena onde Percy e Annabeth aparecem no Tártaro, aparentemente do ponto de vista de Annabeth, onde eles começam sua jornada no Tártaro. Confira a tradução feita pelo site Percy Brasil no vídeo abaixo, com o vídeo original com legendas em português abaixo.

Hey Demigods! Today I’m here with a information about the book House of Hades. Today was released in the official Percy Jackson’s Facebook page a video showing the author of the saga of The Heroes of Olympus, Rick Riordan, reading a stretch from the book in the scene where Percy and Annabeth appear in Tartarus, apparently from the Annabeth’s point of view, where they begin their journey into Tartarus. Check it out the video below (with subtitles in pt-br for the brazilian fans):