How Nico Met Morgan – Pt. II

From Toledo to Detroit
Toledo Station, 8 am

The morning in Toledo was beautiful and cold, with the sun still partially hidden by clouds. Morgan removed her backpack from her shoulder, sitting in the waiting area, leaving all her belongings between her legs. Nico took her side, lifting the collar of his aviator coat, and zipping up, hiding the skull shirt.

– It looks like we might be here for a while.
– Yeah. – Morgan sighed – when I said I was going to Detroit by train, everyone suggested I’d take a plane just because of the bus trip. But traveling through the sky doesn’t seem, to me, a truly healthy option.
– I understand you perfectly.

They sighed together.

When Morgan learned the whereabouts of the book shewas looking for, days ago, never occurred to her that she would have company to travel. She lived in Brooklyn with other five brothers and an aggregate of the family. Titania, the oldest daughter of Hecate in the house was who rule it all, while Morgan and the others scrambled to gather and ensure the safety of other children of Hecate scattered around, before the construction of the Cabin at Camp Half-Blood. The task was hard and involved great difficulties and distances, but all were accustomed to the hard and severe training from Titania, so travelling looking for people was a breeze. The house was always bustling and noisy, so travelling were felt in a lonely way and the time was perceived in a very slow manner, so Morgan had become accustomed to taking things that could distract her. The company of Nico was nice and easy to deal with, but only when they arrived in Toledo she realized how much she was rusty in this thing called “social interaction”.
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Comunicado Importante / Important Announcement

Senhoras e senhores, semideuses e semideusas, hoje é um dia de glória!

Finalmente A Casa de Hades chegou às livrarias (tá, eu sei que algum lugares cheaters lançaram antes, mas…). Hoje, todos nós do blog A Casa de Hecate fomos comprar nossos exemplares, como bons fãs pacientes que somos.
Visto que estaremos ocupados sorvendo todas as páginas do livro nos próximos dias, não postaremos novos capítulos nesse período. Prosseguiremos, porém, com parte do conteúdo do blog relativo às seções novas.
Mas, pra não deixá-los tristes e sozinhos sem nossa presença (ah, ok, como se vocês fossem MESMO notar nossa ausência com o livro mais esperado dessa coleção sendo lançado xD), preparamos um materialzinho especial, em fase de edição, pra vocês serem ainda mais felizes do que já são! ^^
Novas informações sobre o retorno dos capítulos em breve! \o/
Tenham uma boa leitura! ^^~
Ladies and gentlemen, demigods and demigoddesses, today is a day of glory!
The House of Hades was finally released (yeah, I know some cheaters places released before, but…). Today, we all from the blog House of Hecate went to buy our books, as good and patient fans we are.
Since we’re busy sipping all the pages in the coming days, there will be no new chapters posted in this period. We will continue, however, with some of the blog content.
But, to not make you sad and alone without us (oh, ok, as if you were EVEN notice our absence with the most wanted book of this collection being released xD), we prepared a special bonus, in the editing stage, so you guys will be even happier than you already are!
New information on the return of the chapters soon! \ o /
Have a good reading! ^ ^ ~

House of Hades – Chapter VII – Morgan

Earlier, when Morgan had left to check which points she would use to the magic barrier for the camp, she noticed an unnatural disturbance in the wind. If she still remembered well her training with her master, that meant that the spirits of nature were moving, although she didn’t knew where nor why. When she returned to camp the tempers were not the best, but wasn’t like they could, with all that storm falling endlessly. She thought it was best not to ask unnecessary questions, and when Leo asked everyone to help him fix the deck, she did not question the sudden rush.

And now she was with her sawed-off shotgun with non-lethal rubber ammunition, aimed towards the face of Jason Grace, the bully praetor, demanding the withdraw of his offenses  against her brothers at that moment, or she would be willing to put “non-lethal” to test, with point-blank shots.

– Apologize for the shit you said Grace, or I’ll shoot you until you regret it!
– Settle down you two! – Piper ran, using all the charm she could focus at that time. Continuar a ler

House of Hades – Chapter VI – Jason

Jason would have liked to slept all that night, but it was not time to think of such a thing. Leo had sounded the alarm and everyone ran to the deck.

The wind was strong and wild. If they were surprised by the number of monsters in Mount Pindo, the son of Zeus had grounds for a new surprise: Jason had never seen so many nature spirits together as he saw now. They were heading toward the Argus II with a not very friendly expression, marching as a mass through the slope, armed, shouting, hissing, screeching and all other sounds that were capable of emitting. Hazel didn’t take long to outflank him, accompanied by Piper and Leo. Frank was left behind along with Nico, and Coach Hedge yelled something about not having time to not even use the bathroom in peace, as he ran with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the hull. Jason was thinking how much he didn’t needed that image of the satyr, when again he focused on the nature spirits.

– They are furious, the nature spirits. – Piper was apprehensive.
– Yes but… except an avalanche on the mountain there behind, what we could have done for this?
– Must be a thing of Gaia. – Jason wielded his sword of imperial gold, taking the front of the group
– Whatever! Let’s show them who’s with reason with our fists! – Coach punched the air, energetic
– I thought Satyrs could also be considered a type of nature spirit…
– Come closer so I can show you all my natural spirituality, Valdez!
– Where is Morgan? – Hazel looked sideways, apprehensive. Continuar a ler

Behind the Blog: fanfic!

And Behind the Blog today will talk about the fanfic we are developing. Jokes and nicknames aside, everything you would want to know about our process, inspiration and non-senseness to write our own version of “The House of Hades”.
This time, Ghost Writer and Franky will clarify these doubts!

Koko: How did the idea of fanfic came up?

Ghost Writer: Man, couldn’t you start with a easy one? xD

Franky: Go for it, Ghost! xD

GW: It all started with a conversation between me and Koko. Actually we were talking about the Iron Kingdom’s gunmages (because I had borrowed the book RPG for a friend) and talked about how they were awesome, but very underutilized in the game and such.
I had just read “The Mark of Athena” and “The Demigod Diaries” and suddenly I realized that a gunmage would be pretty damn cool inside the world of Percy Jackson… a child of Hecate with guns! And so was born Morgan… and around it, a story where she could appear.
F: Not to mention the fact that the Ghost Writer has always been a fan of Hecate .

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