Every week a new chapter for you!

e56c5-chapter-i-jason-v3Chapter I – Jason
After Percy and Annabeth fall into the Tartarus, our heroes are going to the mortal side of the Doors of Death by air. But, great challenges waits then, specially because their recent lost.

Chapter II – Nico
Nico finds out that his desire to help may just makes things worse, but there’s no time to give up. The son of Hades must calm things up and make a good impression of his new ally…

63b31-chapter-iii-percyChapter III – Percy
Percy and Annabeth finally wake up at Tartarus; prision for the ones who tried to go against the gods and lair for terrible monsters. Fiding the way out will be the most dangerous mission they ever faced, specially when the whole place is against you…

edf6f-chapter-iv-leoChapter IV – Leo
Leo must do a difficult choice: trust their destinies to Morgan, the newly met demigoddess, or figure out by himself a better way to defend the Argo II



Chapter V – Reyna
Things aren’t easy to the Roman Army; without  results on searching for the Camp Half-Blood Reyna is facing to much pressure. When their best scout returns the conflict between reason and emotion only heatens up.



Chapter VI – Jason
With the arival of the nature spirits the demigods of the Argos II gets nervous. And, unfortunatelly, its seems like they are far from being without trouble.


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