Behind the blog – Chapter drawings

Hello fellow strangers

I have been recieving some e-mail lately from our loyal readers and everyone is asking a lot of interesting stuff. For example, where do we take the chapters drawings, how is the fanfic going, who writes what and so on. I though it would be nice to show a little of our backstage to you, so I’ll be posting the “Behind the blog” series. This first post will be about our drawings and images, and for it I’ll be counting with the help of Ghost Writer, our head Designer.
Koko – So, Ghost, people want to know: where these illustrations came from?
Ghost Writer – Well Koko, they all came from… erm… my hands? So to speak? ^^’ Actually I drew all by myself.
K – Did anyone helped you?
GW – Only with their opinions. Specially Frank, which is always ready to help me out when I doubtfull about something related to the drawing.
K – That’s nice. I also love the way the illustrations looks like, I mean. Halftone paterns and those precise lines… is it hard to make?
GW – Well, I could say “yes”, but only when you’re not used to finish drawings using the computer. Recently I made an upgrade on my PC so I would be able to use my favorite softwares more properly, both for my college and personal stuff. This makes things a lot easier.