Behind the Blog: fanfic!

And Behind the Blog today will talk about the fanfic we are developing. Jokes and nicknames aside, everything you would want to know about our process, inspiration and non-senseness to write our own version of “The House of Hades”.
This time, Ghost Writer and Franky will clarify these doubts!

Koko: How did the idea of fanfic came up?

Ghost Writer: Man, couldn’t you start with a easy one? xD

Franky: Go for it, Ghost! xD

GW: It all started with a conversation between me and Koko. Actually we were talking about the Iron Kingdom’s gunmages (because I had borrowed the book RPG for a friend) and talked about how they were awesome, but very underutilized in the game and such.
I had just read “The Mark of Athena” and “The Demigod Diaries” and suddenly I realized that a gunmage would be pretty damn cool inside the world of Percy Jackson… a child of Hecate with guns! And so was born Morgan… and around it, a story where she could appear.
F: Not to mention the fact that the Ghost Writer has always been a fan of Hecate .

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