Estreia de novo quadro: Mash-up Mitólogico / Mytic Mash-up

Salve galera! Hoje teremos a estreia de mais um quadro novo: o Mash-up Mitológico.
Essa é mais uma das novidades pós-hiato, que funciona da seguinte maneira: toda quinta teremos um mash-up que materializa criaturas mitológicas. O quadro, pra quem confere os podcasts, será postado normalmente pela Irmã, que também foi a autora do mash-up de hoje.
O mash-up de hoje foi do Ofiotauro, criatura mitológica que aparece no terceiro livro da série, A Maldição do Titã, que seria uma criatura parte touro, parte serpente, que dá ao ser que a mata e queima suas entranhas no fogo o poder de derrubar os deuses.
Curtiu? Não curtiu? Tem sugestões que gostaria de ver nesse quadro? Manda pra gente que a gente faz! xD
Hey Demigods! Today we have the debut of another new segment: the Mytic Mash-up.
This is another one of the newest segments. Works like this: every Thursday we will post a mash-up materializing mythological creatures. The mash-ups will be posted usually by the Irmã, who was also the author of today’s mash-up.
This mash-up is the Ophiotaurus, mythological creature that appears in the third book of the series, The Titan’s Curse, a creature that was part bull, part serpent, offering to the one who slays the creature and burns the entrails in a fire the power to overthrow the gods.
Like? No? Suggestions about what you like to see? Send them to us, we do! xD

Rick Riordan reads a stretch of "House of Hades" (Legendado Pt-Br)

Salve galera! Hoje venho com uma notícia quentinha do livro A Casa de Hades. Foi divulgado hoje na página oficial de Percy Jackson no Facebook um vídeo exibindo o autor da saga de Os Herois do Olimpo, Rick Riordan, lendo um trecho do livro exatamente na cena onde Percy e Annabeth aparecem no Tártaro, aparentemente do ponto de vista de Annabeth, onde eles começam sua jornada no Tártaro. Confira a tradução feita pelo site Percy Brasil no vídeo abaixo, com o vídeo original com legendas em português abaixo.

Hey Demigods! Today I’m here with a information about the book House of Hades. Today was released in the official Percy Jackson’s Facebook page a video showing the author of the saga of The Heroes of Olympus, Rick Riordan, reading a stretch from the book in the scene where Percy and Annabeth appear in Tartarus, apparently from the Annabeth’s point of view, where they begin their journey into Tartarus. Check it out the video below (with subtitles in pt-br for the brazilian fans):

House of Hades – Chapter III – Percy

When Percy aroused  from his sleep, he was not yet accustomed to the darkness of the place, but he began to consider whether it had been such a good idea to wake up after all. He blinked his eyes a few times getting used to the pitch dark around him, putting the search for Annabeth immediately following, though he did not know where to start. By the way the two had fallen to Tartarus, she should not be too far away. He put his hand in his pocket and uncapped Riptide, the Bronze Celestial producing a slight brightness that at the moment was very welcome, and enough to see the daughter of Athena not far from him. He approached her in a hurry, not  knowing how she didn’t have a bone out of place with the fall.

Annabeth didn’t seem to be much more hurt than she already was when he found her in the lair of Arachne. Carefully Percy left the sword aside and grabbed Annabeth, trying to make her drink a little canteen of nectar. Her face contorted and she awoke, coughing a bit of nectar. Continuar a ler

House of Hades – Chapter I – Jason

He sighed, rubbing his arms to ward off the almost freezing cold of the night, there above the clouds. By that time, everyone else was asleep, except for Leo, who seemed to have accepted as mission more than special his task to develop resources to rescue Annabeth and Percy from Tartarus. Since they had gotten rid of the last horde of flying monsters that had attacked the Argo II, he had returned to his room, looking to further study the scrolls of Archimedes.

From time to time, one or other sound drew his attention, but never was something important. A bored snap from Festus. The sound of the engines of the aircraft. The chains holding Athena Partenos in the improvised cargo in the stable. He heard a sound behind him and, this time, he saw it was just Nico. He leaned on the railing, tired. He was silent for some time, watching the horizon, with halfcrossed eyes.

– I’d love to say it’s a good idea to follow up until the Epirus hill with this ship, but it is a bad idea.

Jason looked at him with a side glance.

– I know. We are very vulnerable, even though I have advantage in the sky.
– Not only that. We need to think of a surprise attack against the forces of Gaea, if we are to have any chance. We will draw a lot of attention in the air.
– The only problem is that on the ground, the advantage is her’s.

The two sighed without great ideas.

And then, Festus sounded the alarm. Continuar a ler

Bilingual post for a bilingual blog

Greetings dear strangers.

I’m Koko, and alongside Ghost Writer I’ll be posting chapters and curiosities about our House. What we most want is to show our humble fan content for the highest number of fans we can, and that’s why we choosed to translate the story we are about to tell you as well.
Our planned schedule for publishing is:
Every Wednesday we’ll be posting the Portuguese chapters
Every Friday we’ll be posting the English chapters
Characters backgrounds and other informations will be translated too.
For now I’m sorry I can’t bring the English chapter today (the translation is not over yet), bur for the next week (and next week only) we’ll have TWO translated chapters.
I really hope you can follow us in this journey until the moment I no longer have to call you “strangers”.
See you later
Saudações queridos desconhecidos
Eu sou Koko, e junto com a Ghost Writer estarei postando capitulos e curiosidades sobre nossa Casa. O que mais queremos é mostrar nosso humilde material fanmade para o maior número de fãs possíveis, e justamente por isso decidimos traduzir a estória que estamos contando.
Nosso planejamento de publicação é:
Capítulos em Português às Quartas-Feiras
Capítulos em Inglês às Sextas-Feiras.
Fichas dos personagens e outras informações serão traduzidas também.
Por hora desculpo-me por não trazer o capítulo em inglês hoje (a tradução ainda não está pronta), mas na semana que vem (e tão somente na semana que vem) teremos DOIS capítulos em inglês.
Espero que vocês venham conosco nessa jornada até que eu não precise mais chama-los de “desconhecidos”.
Até a próxima.