How Nico Met Morgan – Pt. I

New York to Toledo
New York , Albany Station , 20h

Nico di Angelo has emerged from a shadow in the station. The mortals flow was not great in that part of the train station so he was not worried about whether or not he had been seen. Since he had begun his quest for the Doors of Death, a few months before, from time to time the boy returned to the human world to get some rest of his solo mission. Time passed and he was getting absolutely no idea of where he still could look , which made him worried. There were few places where he had not sought and the other options were not encouraging.

He headed for the exit of the station when, over the conversations of the people, steps coming and going, suitcases wheels running on the floor and speakers with ads about the hours, arrive and departure of trains, he had the impression of hearing a melody. Started low and quite timid, but gradually began to gain momentum, as the boy approached the source to see what other people in the station had stopped to see too. There, with a mahogany colored guitar hanging in a sling, a girl presented itself, the open guitar case on the floor, probably to receive tips. When she started singing it was like hearing the voice of the own nymphs, sweet and smooth, but there was a deep note of melancholy in the music pauses. The shiny black hair was loose underneath wool beret and a few strands hung down over her shoulders as she moved. A black coat, also of wool, slipped a bit of a shoulder, being lower than the other side, along with the sleeves who almost covered her fingers, giving it an asymmetric and careless charm, enhanced by shabby boots and long scarf. Anyway, when the song ended, she made a quick curtsy, almost losing his glasses made of silver fine hoop, quickly adjusting it with one hand. His talent out amply rewarded by people, who soon returned to their routines as if that song had never passed them by ear, but it did not seem to bother the girl, who was put to pack her things. Nico was stunned, the only one who had not moved from his place yet.

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House of Hades – Chapter VII – Morgan

Earlier, when Morgan had left to check which points she would use to the magic barrier for the camp, she noticed an unnatural disturbance in the wind. If she still remembered well her training with her master, that meant that the spirits of nature were moving, although she didn’t knew where nor why. When she returned to camp the tempers were not the best, but wasn’t like they could, with all that storm falling endlessly. She thought it was best not to ask unnecessary questions, and when Leo asked everyone to help him fix the deck, she did not question the sudden rush.

And now she was with her sawed-off shotgun with non-lethal rubber ammunition, aimed towards the face of Jason Grace, the bully praetor, demanding the withdraw of his offenses  against her brothers at that moment, or she would be willing to put “non-lethal” to test, with point-blank shots.

– Apologize for the shit you said Grace, or I’ll shoot you until you regret it!
– Settle down you two! – Piper ran, using all the charm she could focus at that time. Continuar a ler

Mythic Mash-up – Argos

Oi gente!!!

Quem vos fala é a Irmã, com um novíssimo MASHUP.
O personagem de hoje é o Argos, o fiel segurança do Acampamento Meio-Sangue.
Na série de Percy Jackson é ele quem dirige o pessoal pra lá e pra cá e defende a Casa Grande de Zöe-Doce Amarga numa discussão acalorada.
Criado por Hera, tem 100 olhos pelo corpo todo incluindo a língua (é o que os rumores dizem).
Sua história começou quando o Hera percebeu o mundo mortal meio enevoado e suspeitando que seu marido estava traindo ela de novo, desceu a terra e achou Zeus ao lado de uma novilha, animal ainda não existente no mundo. Ela suspeitava que a novilha fosse uma amante de Zeus disfarçada, e de fato era Io, a filha do rio-deus Ínaco.
Hera então elogiou o animal e o pediu ao marido como presente e Zeus sem saber o que fazer, fez o que ela pediu. Hera então, amarrou a novilha a uma árvore e entregou-a a Argos, com 100 olhos e habilidade de fechar só 2 deles para dormir, para vigia-la.
Zeus então, pediu a Hermes que matasse Argos para que ele pudesse libertar a namorada. Hermes desceu a terra como camponês com uma gaita, e contou histórias e tocou de jeito tão suave para que os 100 olhos de Argos adormecessem. Quando ele finalmente dormiu, Hermes cortou-lhe a cabeça com um só golpe e atirou-a de um rochedo.
Hera, para honrar seu servo, pegou os cem olhos de Argos e criou o Pavão, animal símbolo dela, desde então.
A história de Io, é mais sofrida, mas como ela não é o foco aqui, só direi que depois de perseguida por Hera, Zeus finalmente devolveu a ninfa sua verdadeira forma e Io voltou para sua família. Foi uma das únicas das amantes de Zeus com final feliz. Continuar a ler

House of Hades – Chapter VI – Jason

Jason would have liked to slept all that night, but it was not time to think of such a thing. Leo had sounded the alarm and everyone ran to the deck.

The wind was strong and wild. If they were surprised by the number of monsters in Mount Pindo, the son of Zeus had grounds for a new surprise: Jason had never seen so many nature spirits together as he saw now. They were heading toward the Argus II with a not very friendly expression, marching as a mass through the slope, armed, shouting, hissing, screeching and all other sounds that were capable of emitting. Hazel didn’t take long to outflank him, accompanied by Piper and Leo. Frank was left behind along with Nico, and Coach Hedge yelled something about not having time to not even use the bathroom in peace, as he ran with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the hull. Jason was thinking how much he didn’t needed that image of the satyr, when again he focused on the nature spirits.

– They are furious, the nature spirits. – Piper was apprehensive.
– Yes but… except an avalanche on the mountain there behind, what we could have done for this?
– Must be a thing of Gaia. – Jason wielded his sword of imperial gold, taking the front of the group
– Whatever! Let’s show them who’s with reason with our fists! – Coach punched the air, energetic
– I thought Satyrs could also be considered a type of nature spirit…
– Come closer so I can show you all my natural spirituality, Valdez!
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House of Hades – Chapter V – Reyna

It was a dark night with almost no stars in the sky. On the horizon, a simple gray band made it clear that they were close to a big city, in the case, New York. Long Island was a place incredibly beautiful and nice and even away from the beach you could feel the faintest scent of sea air. Inside the closed tent of the war meeting, Reyna would like to be able to think better about what they are discussing, but they had walked in circles in various subjects and advanced uselessly to exhaustion until dawn. The scouts returning gradually, timid, disappointed by a raid without results on the location of Camp Half-Blood. At the camp formed tents of  perfectly homogeneous red and gold  tissue, where banners fluttered majestically with the sea wind, the spirit you saw in the Roman soldiers was not exactly imposing or brave. They were tired from the long trip. Mentally tired of the long absence of tangible results.

When the last member of the council of war left the tent, everything Reyna wanted was sleep. She was at the forefront of the group that would attack Camp Half-Blood, along with his best demigods. However, each negative result of the scouts on the exact location of the campsite made the Praetor ask herself if the lack of results was not a sign from the gods to desist from that raid driven by revenge. She was ready to sleep when she heard a familiar voice from outside the tent, Samantha, the last of the scouts to return that night. Continuar a ler