House of Hades – Chapter III – Percy

When Percy aroused  from his sleep, he was not yet accustomed to the darkness of the place, but he began to consider whether it had been such a good idea to wake up after all. He blinked his eyes a few times getting used to the pitch dark around him, putting the search for Annabeth immediately following, though he did not know where to start. By the way the two had fallen to Tartarus, she should not be too far away. He put his hand in his pocket and uncapped Riptide, the Bronze Celestial producing a slight brightness that at the moment was very welcome, and enough to see the daughter of Athena not far from him. He approached her in a hurry, not  knowing how she didn’t have a bone out of place with the fall.

Annabeth didn’t seem to be much more hurt than she already was when he found her in the lair of Arachne. Carefully Percy left the sword aside and grabbed Annabeth, trying to make her drink a little canteen of nectar. Her face contorted and she awoke, coughing a bit of nectar. Continuar a ler