House of Hades – Chapter I – Jason

He sighed, rubbing his arms to ward off the almost freezing cold of the night, there above the clouds. By that time, everyone else was asleep, except for Leo, who seemed to have accepted as mission more than special his task to develop resources to rescue Annabeth and Percy from Tartarus. Since they had gotten rid of the last horde of flying monsters that had attacked the Argo II, he had returned to his room, looking to further study the scrolls of Archimedes.

From time to time, one or other sound drew his attention, but never was something important. A bored snap from Festus. The sound of the engines of the aircraft. The chains holding Athena Partenos in the improvised cargo in the stable. He heard a sound behind him and, this time, he saw it was just Nico. He leaned on the railing, tired. He was silent for some time, watching the horizon, with halfcrossed eyes.

– I’d love to say it’s a good idea to follow up until the Epirus hill with this ship, but it is a bad idea.

Jason looked at him with a side glance.

– I know. We are very vulnerable, even though I have advantage in the sky.
– Not only that. We need to think of a surprise attack against the forces of Gaea, if we are to have any chance. We will draw a lot of attention in the air.
– The only problem is that on the ground, the advantage is her’s.

The two sighed without great ideas.

And then, Festus sounded the alarm. Continuar a ler